Alena Todorov

Certified Life Coach in London

I enjoy working with people to help them develop and uncover their potential through honest, open and driven coaching sessions. I am always keen to welcome people into my life and to support them on their self-discovery journey.

My background is in Training, Learning & Development and Psychotherapy, all of which I integrate into Life Coaching.

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What is my approach?

The fact that you are looking at my website means you are looking for something. If you are thinking about life coaching or have taken an interest in it, then you have already started off on a personal journey.

It may be a clear road towards self improvement, or to make sense of the route you have found yourself on, or maybe you are just feeling a little lost in the woods. Life coaching is about empowering you to understand yourself, to help and support you on wherever this journey takes you:

I am there to guide and suggest methods and tactics to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. All I expect is your commitment to yourself

Contact Me

Don’t hesitate to contact me for a free 30 minutes consultation over phone or drop me an email. My standard rates are £35 for an hour session (offline or online).

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Call me at 7840055524